Jay Pollard Case

200px-Jonathan_PollardThe Law of Return by Martin Blank is inspired by the Jonathan Jay Pollard espionage case, which has gripped the United State for nearly three decades. Pollard pled guilty to passing U.S. top secrets to the Israeli government.
On April 3, 2014 Jay Pollard was the number one trending topic on The New York Times website. President Obama is currently considering pardoning Pollard as part of a hotly debated Middle East peace deal. Pollard appears in The New York Times regularly alongside stories of WikiLeaks, the NSA, and Edward Snowden.
His defenders have worked to keep his name in the news and continue to fight for his freedom from the life sentence he is currently serving. On the other side of the debate are just as vociferous detractors who believe he should never be allowed to leave prison.
Here are articles about Pollard, the case for his release and the case for his imprisonment. Often, the comments sections of these articles are fractious, yet insightful.

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