Photo Credit: Hunter Canning | André Ware & Ben Mehl

Inspired by the events surrounding the polarizing Jay Pollard espionage case, Martin Blank’s original spy thriller The Law of Return depicts the actions of a notorious intelligence analyst abusing his level of access and threatening U.S. national security-or is he?

Whether driven by ideology or personal gain, Pollard, a United States Naval Intelligence analyst based in Suitland, Maryland, removes thousands of classified documents and turns them over to Israel. Once found out by the United States, Pollard leads police on a wild chase through D.C., desperately hoping to get to the Embassy of Israel and seek asylum.

On April 3, 2014 Jay Pollard was the number one trending topic on The New York Times website. Pollard appears in The New York Times regularly alongside stories of WikiLeaks, the NSA, and Edward Snowden. What must be made public and what must be kept secret?

Running Time: 80 minutes without intermission

New York Times: “Evenhanded…both the United States and Israel…come off as basically decent. Pollard supporters and detractors can find fuel for their arguments in Mr. Blank’s narrative.”